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Becoming more energy efficient is at the forefront of everyone’s minds these days. And while there are many small things you can do in a home, such as turning off lights and taking shorter showers, to be more energy efficient, true energy efficiency lies in the construction of the home itself. And because going green and becoming more energy efficient is becoming more and more popular, so too is the construction of energy efficient homes. But just what do energy efficient homes feature that make them as such?

2 x 6 Walls

These measurements are the measurements of the lumber that is used in the framing of a new home. Using 2 x 6 lumber leaves more room for insulation, meaning that the home will stay warmer in the colder months and that it will use less gas or electricity for heating purposes.

House Wrap

This is material that does literally wrap around the insulation and the frame of the house. It’s a barrier that keeps the cold out, and the warmth in. So this too cuts down on the amount of energy the home uses.

Solar Panels

Solar panels capture the sun’s rays during the day and convert them to energy in the form of heat, therefore heating the home. Using solar panels is one of the most popular ways of building energy efficient homes, and they can be placed anywhere that receives direct sunlight, such as on the roof.

There are tons of ways that homes can become more energy efficient. But starting with the building process is one great way to make sure the home is as energy efficient as it can possibly be!

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Switch to Energy Efficient Homes

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People who have energy efficient homes are aware of the importance that energy saving has over our lives. The Earth is facing a hard time because people no longer care about the environment and they keep on wasting energy. However, there are some people who have understood the risks, so they decided to switch to energy efficient homes. Everyone should follow their example, because not only will you save energy, but money as well.

People are not very familiar with energy efficient homes, but keep on reading and you will find some useful information. For starters, you should know that energy efficient homes are built from environmental-friendly materials. As they are ecological, the energy efficient homes usually last longer and they are low maintenance, too. So if you are looking for a house, make sure that you check the energy efficient homes too, because even though they tend to be a little expensive, on the long term the investment will be worth it and you will be able to save more money as the years go by.

If you already have a house, you can easily transform it into one of the energy efficient homes. Technology has developed significantly throughout the years, so now new energy efficient appliances have been invented. If you want to be one of the people with energy efficient homes, you could switch to energy efficient appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, freezers, stoves, ovens, dish washers, water heaters, dryers and other ‘green’ gadgets, because they use less electricity than the regular ones and so you will be able so save energy and money at the same time. As the energy consumption is lower, your bills will also drop, and some spared money are never useless.

Having energy efficient homes is thus the best way to protect the environment, and you will feel so good about yourself by changing your life-style like this. Do no hesitate in advising all the people you know to follow your example and to switch to energy efficient homes, because the planet will be thankful and the future will seem brighter.

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Energy Efficient Homes

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Now, in the 21st century, building energy efficient homes is at the top of the list for ways to go green. Because global warming as well as the greenhouse effect have both wreaked havoc on our planet, finding ways to reduce the amount of energy we consume is extremely important. In essence, using green technology to build your home or purchasing a home that is energy efficient will help the environment to heal in addition to saving you a ton of money on your heating and cooling bills. Here are some interesting facts on how it all works.

Energy efficient homes must meet specific guidelines in order to be certified nationally as green. The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), in conjunction with the International Code Council, established a nationally acknowledged definition of what “Green Build” represents. The Green Building Program’s rating system includes protecting trees, working with the natural slope to decrease rainwater run-off, using recycled steel or wood, installing plastic roof tiles, installing thermo pane windows, solar panels, and geo thermo heating systems to name a few.

You see when building energy efficient homes, you’ll be using ecologically friendly materials that are long lasting and low maintenance. As stated earlier, materials like prebuilt steel, wood hybrid frames, and materials like bamboo are a great way to keep your energy costs low and are earth-friendly. You should also consider installing a tank-less water heater as well as other energy efficient appliances throughout your home. Take advantage of green technology and begin now healing the environment.

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